Storms forced ride to be cancelled that June. Dave Day was very ill from brain tumors then, on July 10th, he passed away. At his funeral service it was announced that we'd call our annual weekend ride the "Dave Day Memorial Ride" and would be donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in his memory. Dave's ashes were scattered into the ocean off the coast of Maui by his wife. We (Grumbler, BobC, JW, Bill, Mike, Randy Bert, Chilly, John & Lloyd) donated $95 to the MAWF & Steve doubled it to $190.

Friday 10am ... met at park close to Montague Expwy-Milpitas 880-Fremont-680-84-Livermore-4-Stockton-88-Comstock Rd-26- Mokelumne Hill-49-Jackson-49-Auburn-80-Roseville-65->Lincoln.

Late afternoon in September of 1995. Here, Randog, JW, Surfer, RRB and Grumbler (who is behind this camera) stop in Colfax. Just across the road is the church where Randog got his ass married a few months later. We continued north on 49 to Lincoln.

Saturday am ... backroads-49-Nevada City-49-North San Juan for brekkie. 49-Marysville Rd-Oregon Trail (never again!)- Forbestown Rd-Oroville-70-Belden Town for suds-70-Quincy- 89-Blairsden-Gold Lake Rd-49-Grass Valley-backroads->Lincoln.

Saturday morning in North San Juan at Toki's Cafe. This is a popular stop for the local bikers along 49 going from Nevada City to Downieville. This is a *real* cafe rather than yet another franchised coffee shop. Grumbler arrived a little late for brekkie having gotten lost from the group for awhile due to impetuous tour of Nevada City while waiting for Randog to finish his dump at the gas station. ;^/

Across the street from Toki's Cafe is this store with a mural of the Grumbler on the side. Well, at least it resembles the Grumbler. We can see Surfer, Lloyd and Mike Plant hanging loose with some of the curbed Harleys which're Randog's MooGlide, Chilly's FiXeR and Surfer's Booger with a foxtail. :-)

This is Belden Town which is a halfway point between Oroville and Quincy along Feather River Highway. There's cottages, camping, store, saloon and restaurant here. We just had a few beers right outside on the deck with the Feather River down below before returning to Lincoln totally blown out after a long, long day in the saddle.

Sunday am ... Nicohaus Rd-Garden Hwy-I5-Sacramento-I5- Freeport-160-Antioch-4-Byron for suds--4-Vasco Rd-Livermore- 84-680->home.